God And Man As They Really Are      

Daniel 4:34-35


     Sooner or later, everyone will learn these five things and acknowledge them, either in the experience of God's saving grace in Christ or in the experience of his everlasting wrath.

     1. JEHOVAH IS THE ETERNAL, SELF-EXISTENT GOD, "The most High...Him that liveth forever and ever."God alone is eternal.He is the only underived,self-existent,selfsustained Being in the universe,the only One who exists necessarily from his own nature. God alone must be! All creatures depend upon him for everything. He depends upon nothing! God alone "hath immortality."

     2. GOD'S "DOMINION IS EVERLASTING, and his kingdom is from generation to generation."Our God is the eternally reigning Monarch of the universe. He sits upon the throne of absolute sovereignty by incontestable right. He reigns everywhere, at all times,in all things,absolutely. Though satan,Adam, and Pharaoh defy his throne, Jehovah reigns! Though Judas betrays his Son and vile men crucify him, doing what their wicked wills desire, Jehovah reigns! Amid all the calamities of life, over all the sins of men and devils, Jehovah reigns! In creation, in providence, and in grace Jehovah reigns!

     3. MAN IS NOTHING! "All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing." What a humbling lesson!  Man is nothing, less than nothing. All the inhabitants of this earth together do not amount to vanity before God (Isa. 40:15-17). We are all grasshoppers before the infinite God. If man is nothing in creation, it is certain that man is nothing in salvation. "Salvation is of the Lord!" All the saved are nothings and nobodies (I Cor. 1:26-29).

     4. GOD'S INFINITE POWER IS ALWAYS AT WORK SOVEREIGNLY ACCOMPLISHING HIS WILL. "He doeth according to his will in the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth." With unexplainable, sovereign, infinite power, God so governs all things and all things that all, either willingly or unwillingly, accomplish his will (Psa. 115:3; 135:6; Prov. 19:21; 16:1, 19; Acts 2:23; 4:27, 28).

     5. THE WILL OF GOD IS IRRESISTIBLE AND UNIMPEACHABLE. None can stay his hand, or say unto him, what doest thou. Men may argue with God, if they dare, but none shall hinder him in anyway, or even cause him to pause in the accomplishment of his will.



Don Fortner