"Mighty To Save"           

Isaiah 63:1


     An impotent savior is no Savior at all. Those who cry up a god who cannot save without the consent of man's free-will or the assistance of man's works, cry up a god who is nothing but the useless figment of man's perverted imagination. An impotent god is no God at all. An impotent god is as useless as a bucket without a bottom. If your god wants to save everyone, if your Jesus died to redeem everyone, if your spirit tries to save everyone, and some people go to hell inspite of all that your god has done to keep them out, you need another God who is God!

     We worship, trust, and preach an almighty, all- sufficient, effectual Savior. Our Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. And he is "mighty to save!" He does not merely provide salvation, offer salvation, or try to get sinners to be saved. He saves his people from their sins by his almighty, irresistible grace (Matt. 1:21; 11:27; John 17:2; Rom. 9:15-16). He cannot fail to do so (Isa. 42:4).

     EVERY SINNER WHO WAS CHOSEN OF GOD IN ETERNAL ELECTION WAS GIVEN TO CHRIST BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN (John 6:39;17:2). When Christ stood as the Surety of his elect in the covenant of grace, it became his responsi- bility to save those whom the Father put in his hands (John 10:16). IN THE FULNESS OF TIME CHRIST DIED IN THE PLACE OF HIS ELECT (Isa.53:8; John 10:11,15). He died as our Substitute under the wrath of God, to redeem us from the curse of the law. And all for whom Christ died are infallibly redeemed (Gal.3:13; Heb.9:12). THE SON OF GOD MAKES INTERCESSION IN HEAVEN FOR HIS ELECT, REDEEMED PEOPLE (John 17:9, 20). He does not pray for the world, but for those who believe on him by virtue of his inter- cession.ALL FOR WHOM CHRIST DIED AND MAKES INTERCESSION, AT GOD'S APPOINTED TIME ARE CALLED (John 10:3). By the effectual power of his Spirit, through the preaching of the gospel, Christ calls his people. ALL WHO ARE CALLED BY THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST COME TO CHRIST (John 10:3-4,27). His people are made willing in the day of his power, and he causes them to come to him (Psa. 110:3; 65:4). ALL WHO COME TO CHRIST BY FAITH ARE SAVED BY HIS GRACE (John 6:37). It is not possible for a sinner to come to Christ and not be saved. AND ALL WHO ARE SAVED BY CHRIST ARE KEPT UNTO ETERNAL GLORY BY HIM (John 10:28). "They shall never perish", because he is "mighty to save!"


Don Fortner