isa 62v12 Thou Shalt be Called SOUGHT OUT


"Thou shalt be called, SOUGHT OUT."   

Isaiah 62:12


Here is God's amazing, irresistible grace -We were not only sought, but sought out by almighty grace. If you drop a priceless pearl on a dirty floor, you seek for it; but it is not sought out. If the pearl is dropped into an open sewer, it must be sought out.

                God's elect were lost in the sewer of fallen humanity. But he was determined to have them. They were precious in his sight. So the eternal God plunged into the sewer of fallen humanity, taking our filth upon himself, seeking out his lost ones. And when he came forth from the grave, they were in his hands "a crown of glory" and "a royal diadem". We were sought out by redeeming love.

                And we were sought out by God the Holy Spirit. Praise God for his unconquerable grace! He sought us out and brought us home. Strange and marvelous are the ways of God's grace in seeking out his own. He never relinquishes the search until the chosen are effectually sought out. Almighty grace and infinite wisdom are combined in the search for God's elect. And they cannot fail.

It is an astonishing thing that any of Adam's race should be sought out. But that we should be sought out is grace beyond degree! We can find no reason for it except the sovereign, eternal love of God. Such matchless grace surpasses every human thought. It can never be understood, or explained. All we can do is lift up our hearts to the Triune God in wonder, love, and praise. Let us this day magnify the rich, free, unchanging, and irresistible grace of God in Christ. Is it not a wonder of grace that you and I wear this name - SOUGHT OUT?