Have you found life in your hand?

Isaiah 57:10


            Sadly, the vast majority of people are never brought to their wits end and never come to Christ, because they find life in their own hand. They never imagine, with regard to themselves, that There is no hope, because they always presume that there is. Are you such? Are you so foolish, so proud, so arrogant?


If you are, I know the reason. The Lord God himself exposes you. — Thou hast found the life of thine hand! You are not grieved over your sin because you presume that you are good. You do not mourn your guilt because you have none. You do not come to Christ because you do not need him. Being ignorant of the righteousness of God, you go about trying to establish your own righteousness. By your imaginary righteousness, by the sorceries and vileness of freewill, works religion, you debase yourself even unto hell.


            The Lord Jehovah warns you, I will declare thy righteousness and thy works, exposing them for the sham and pretense they are; for they shall not profit thee!







Don Fortner



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