isa 53v08 For The Transgression of My People Was He Stricken




Isaiah 53:8


Without question these words teach us that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR AND REDEEMED A PARTICULAR PEOPLE. It gives me no particular pleasure to tell people that there are some in this world for whom Christ did not die; but I must insist upon it. If I told you that Christ died for all men alike, in an effort to redeem all men, the implication of my doctrine would be that salvation is determined not by what Christ has done for men but by what men do for themselves, And that is totally contrary to the plainest statements of Holy Scripture (Rom. 9:16). It does give me great pleasure to tell sinners, as the Word of God plainly asserts, that CHRIST JESUS DIED FOR SOME PERISHING SINNERS, AND ALL OF THOSE FOR WHOM HE DIED SHALL BE SAVED BY THE MERITS OF HIS SIN-ATONING SACRIFICE.

                The Word of God plainly teaches that our Lord Jesus Christ died as a Substitute in the place of some of Adam's fallen race, but not all. Christ himself said, "I am the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep...I lay down my life for the sheep." Then he turned to some who were in the crowd, and said, "Ye are not of my sheep" (John 10:11, 15, 26). CHRIST DIED TO MAKE PROPITIATION FOR OUR SINS, TO SATISFY THE JUSTICE OF GOD FOR HIS PEOPLE, SO THAT GOD MIGHT BE JUS AND THE JUSTIFIER OF ALL WHO BELIEVE (Rom. 3:24-26). Because God is just, we know that he cannot punish sin twice, once in the sinner's Substitute and again in the sinner himself. If God punished my sin in Christ, he cannot punish sin in me too. That would not be just and equitable. Belief in God's justice and righteousness will not allow us to accept the notion that Christ died for any who ultimately perish under the wrath of God. That would be a travesty of justice. There would be a holiday in hell, Satan and the demons would rejoice and mock the Son of God forever, if it should ever come to pass that one for whom Christ died and tried to save perished in spite of his redemptive work. The fiends of hell will never have such a holiday. EVERY SOUL FOR WHOM CHRIST DIED SHALL BE WITH HIM IN GLORY. HE WILL SEE TO IT.