Why Was Sin Laid Upon Christ?         

Isaiah 53:6


     I certainly cannot answer that question. We will spend eternity discovering the answer to it. But there are some things about the question which we do know. "The LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all" in order to attain seven great goals of his heart.

1. THAT HE MIGHT BE SATISFIED - God could not rest, his purpose of grace could not be satisfied, until sin was completely removed from the chosen objects of his eternal love. And his justice could not be satisfied for the removal of their sins except by laying them upon Christ (Rom. 9:11; 3:24-26).

2. THAT HE MIGHT SHOW THE WORLD THE EXCEEDING HORRID LOATHSOMENESS OF SIN - Sin is so obnoxious and abhorrent to the holy God that when he found sin upon his own dear Son, he withheld not his wrath.

3. THAT HE MIGHT COMMEND TO US HIS INFINITE LOVE TOWARD HIS ELECT. The love of God is seen in a thousand places. "God is love!" But we know the measure of his love only by the sacrifice of his Son in the place of his people (John 3:16; Rom. 5:8; I John 3:16; 4:9-10).

4. THAT WE MIGHT BE MADE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN HIM - God was determined to have a people as pure, holy and clean as himself, in whom to show forth the glory of his grace (Eph. 1:3-14). But righteousness could not be imputed to us until our sins were imputed to Christ (II Cor. 5:21).

5. THAT BELIEVING SINNERS MIGHT HAVE A STRONG CONSOLATION IN THIS WORLD - In the midst of our trials, temptations, inward corruptions and outward sins, we look to Christ upon whom sin was laid, and find blessed comfort (Rom. 4:8).

6. THAT HIS ELECT MIGHT BE FREED FROM ALL FEAR OF CONDEMNATION - Since Christ has been made sin for us, sin shall never be able to bring us into condemnation (Rom. 8:1, 32-39).

7. THAT WE MIGHT INHERIT THE GLORY AND BLISS OF ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN - Christ was made to be sin, and died under the penalty of sin, so that his people might receive, as a lawful, purchased possession, eternal life (John 3:14-15).


Don Fortner