Needless Fears                 

Isaiah 51:12-13


     The fears by which God's saints afflict themselves in this world are needless fears. I know they are real. Painful experience has taught me that. But I also know that they are needless. The Word of God teaches us that. They are all groundless, without foundation. They are the product of unbelief. In these two verses of Holy Scripture the Lord God chides us for our fear and unbelief.

     "I, EVEN I, AM HE THAT COMFORTETH YOU." That should be enough to drive away our fears. Our Comforter is the Triune God, the God of omnipotence, sovereignty, immutability, and grace! He comforts us by assuring us of his presence (Isa. 41:10), his purpose (Heb. 6:14), his providence (Rom. 8:28), his provision (Psa. 34:10), his protection (Psa. 91:4-11), and his preservation (Jude 24-25). Repeatedly our God calls for us to look to him to trust him, and to quit being afraid of anything or anyone. He says, "Fear not," and assures us that we have nothing to fear.

     "WHO ART THOU THAT SHOULDEST BE AFRAID OF A MAN?" What a rebuke this question is to every child of God who walks in fear! Remember who you are - A child of God, chosen, redeemed, called, and adopted by grace! Remember also that your enemies are mere creatures, "Man that shall die...the son of man that shall be made as grass!" Why should the children of the eternal God fear the wrath of punishing men?

     "AND FORGETTEST THE LORD, THY MAKER!" Fear is the forgetfulness of God. Whenever we are engaged in fear we have forgotten the promises, power, providence, and past performances of our God for us. How quickly "We forget our Jehovah-jirehs, monuments of mercy in the mount of the Lord" (Matthew Henry).

     "WHERE IS THE FURY OF THE OPPRESSOR?" Even when the oppressor is real and furious, there is no cause for fear. His fury shall never be satisfied upon God's elect, for he has absolutely no ability to hurt us. How much more this word applies to those many imaginary dangers we invent in our unbelieving minds! May God give us grace to trust him and not be afraid (Matt. 6:25-34).


Don Fortner