Isa 51v11 The Redeemed Of The Lord Shall Return




Isaiah 51:11


                Scattered among the fallen sons of Adam, in all the nations of the earth, God has an elect people whom he has redeemed. Though lost, ruined, and helpless by nature, they shall return, because HE WILL CAUSE THEM TO RETURN. They shall return with singing, with everlasting joy and gladness to God their Savior. They will sing the praises of his grace when they return. Their hearts, apprehending what he has done for them, shall be filled with joy and gladness.  And sorrow and mourning will flea away from them. It is for these redeemed ones that we labor. It is their salvation that we seek. And we know that our labor is not in vain, because it is written, "The redeemed of the Lord shall return."