Good News For Dark Times         

Isaiah 51:1-23


     There are times when the people of God walk in darkness and have no light, no brilliant, shining light to give them confidence and joy (Isa. 50:10). That is true of individual believers, of local churches, and of the church of God as a whole in this world. Without question, we are living in times of darkness. These are perilous times, troubling and fearful (I Tim. 3:1-6; II Tim. 3:1-8). In these times of darkness, when God appears to have forsaken us, when it seems that he has cast us off, when our enemies appear to triumph over us, we have only one course of action. We are commanded to "trust in the name of the Lord and stay upon our God." In Isaiah 51 the prophet of God shows us why we must and should do so. Read the chapter carefully. It is designed for the comfort and encouragement of men and women who fear the Lord and obey the voice of his servant, but walk in darkness. Here are six words of assurance for God's saints in times of darkness.

     1. God, who raised us out of the pit of corruption, can and will preserve us in times of darkness and revive us by his almighty grace (vv. 1-3).

     2. God's salvation is both sure and everlasting (vv. 4-6).

     3. Our enemies are weak and perishing (vv. 7-8). If we trust the living God, we have no reason to fear the reproaches and revilings of perishing men or condemned devils!

     4. The very same power and grace by which God did wonders for his people long ago is now engaged to protect, preserve, and deliver us (vv. 9-11). Read Isaiah 43:1-7, and learn what God will do on your behalf!

     5. The very purpose of God in the creation of this world was for the salvation of his elect (vv. 12-16).

     6. Deplorable as the condition of God's church now appears to be, our ultimate triumph is sure (vv. 17-23). Awake then from the sleep of unbelief and the stupor of despair and believe God! Read Revelation 11:10-13 and 19:1-6. Victory is sure!



Don Fortner