"The Lord Hath Redeemed Jacob"     

Isaiah 44:23


     In this text of Scripture the prophet of God tells us five things about redemption that we must lay to heart. Redemption,if it is thought of and understood in biblical terms, always has these five characteristics.

     1. REDEMPTION IS THE WORK OF GOD ALONE - "The LORD hath done it!"Redemption is not something made possible by God,but effected by man. Redemption is not something accomplished by God and man together. It is the work of the triune God alone. God the Father purposed it. God the Son accomplished it. God the Spirit applies it.

     2. REDEMPTION IS AN ACCOMPLISHED WORK - It is complete, a finished work. Christ has satisfied the justice of God and put away the sins of his people by  his one great sacrifice for sin. His one sacrifice is infinitely meritorious and effectual, securing the everlasting salvation of all for whom his blood was shed. "The LORD hath done it!"

     3. REDEMPTION IS THE PURCHASE OF A PARTICULAR PEOPLE - "The LORD hath redeemed Jacob. "Jacob is the people of God's choice,the people of his covenant,the people for whom all the blessings of grace are reserved. Jacob is the people actually delivered by God's almighty arm from the house of bondage. Had the prophet said, "The LORD hath redeemed all people," there would have been no inspiration for faith, hope, or joy. If all people, both those who perish and those who live, have been redeemed, then redemption is meaningless. Here is our basis of faith, hope, and joy - "The LORD hath redeemed Jacob!"

     4. REDEMPTION IS THE WORK IN WHICH GOD GLORIFIES HIMSELF - "The LORD hath...glorified himself in Israel." In redemption God glorifies all his holy attributes, love and justice, mercy and truth, righteousness and peace, grace and wrath, wisdom and power. The cross of Christ is the display to all the world of the glory of God. It declares him to be "a just God and a Savior!"

     5. REDEMPTION IS THE CAUSE OF JOY IN THE BELIEVER'S HEART - "Sing!...break forth into singing, for the LORD hath redeemed Jacob!" We rejoice to know that our sins are pardoned through the blood of Christ and that our God is glorified in the pardon of our sins. We also rejoice in the confidence that he who redeemed us will do us good, and nothing but good forever (Rom. 8:32).


Don Fortner