Isaiah 44:21-23


The Lord God himself is speaking. Israel was suffering because of her sin. She had forsaken God; but God would not cast off his people. He was determined to correct them, to preserve them, and to bring them back into fellowship with him. Have you begun, like Israel, to forsake your God? Have you, by reason of your own sin and unbelief, been suffering the absence of God's manifest presence, broken fellowship with Christ, and lost communion with the Holy Spirit? If so, here are three words from your God to you, his erring child.

"REMEMBER" (v. 21) - The first step toward recovery is remembrance. God says, "Remember these." Remember what and where you were when he found you by his grace (Isa. 51:1; Ezek. 16:3-8). Remember and adore God's distinguishing grace toward you. "Remember from whence thou art fallen" (Rev. 2:5). Remember, "thou art my servant." Remember, "I have formed thee." Remember, "thou shalt not be forgotten of me." What a magnificent word of grace! What a powerful word of love! Often we forget our God; but he will not forget us!

"RETURN" (v. 22). - "Return unto me." Imagine that. The God of glory entreats us, sinful men and women, who have shamefully neglected him to return to him, and gives us blessed words of assured redemption and forgiveness to persuade us to return to him. Everything here is grace. God always deals with his people in grace. He always inspires, moves, and motivates by grace. No threats of punishment! No bribery with rewards! Just grace, pure, free grace!

"SING" (v. 23) - The redemption, salvation, and deliverance of God's elect is cause for universal joy and praise. The whole creation rejoices in it (Psa. 96:11-13). The angels of God rejoice in it (Lk. 15:7). And ransomed sinners themselves rejoice in it. We rejoice because we are redeemed, and because our God has glorified himself in redeeming us. We rejoice to sing to our God, giving him all praise, honor, and glory, because "The LORD hath done it!" Salvation is his work, for his praise. He chose us. He redeemed us. He called us. He preserves us. And, when we are fallen, he calls us to return to him, causes us to return, and receives us graciously when we do return!


Don Fortner