isa 43v01-07 Fear Not



Isaiah 43:1-7

If you and I are truly the children of God, our faith will be tried. We will pass through the water and the fire. Temptations, heartache, sorrow, pain, and grief will be with us throughout our journey here. But the Lord says, "Fear Not." Take comfort, my brother, your trials will not destroy you. Why won't they? Listen to what the Lord says:

1. I have redeemed thee.

2. I have called thee by thy name.

3. Thou art Mine.

4. I will be with thee.

5. I am the Lord thy God.

6. I am thy Savior.

7. Thou art precious in my sight.

8. I have made thee honorable.

9.   I have loved thee.

10. The glory of my name is at stake in thee.