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“Behold my Servant”

Isaiah 42:1-4

In the opening verses of this chapter the Lord God calls for us to behold his elect Servant, whom he has from eternity appointed to the work of redeeming and saving his people, the One in whom his soul delights. The One of whom he speaks is our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:15-21). In the first four verses of this 42nd chapter the Lord God tells us four things about our dear Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, as his Servant. — These things were written by God’s prophet Isaiah more than 750 years before the incarnation of our Redeemer!

1.    He will bring righteousness to the Gentiles (v. 1).

2.    He will be a meek, voluntary Servant to the will of God (v. 2).

3.    He will be a tender, compassionate Savior (v. 3).

4.    He will effectually accomplish all his work (v. 4).

      The Lord Jesus Christ is an appointed Savior, a qualified Savior, a willing Savoir, and an able, effectual, almighty Savior. — “He shall not fail!” That revelation is enough to flood our hearts with joy, praise, thanksgiving, and adoration. — What a great Savior our Savior is!







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