"He Shall Not Fail!"            

Isaiah 42:4


     This is God's promise concerning his Son. Whatever Christ has undertaken as Jehovah's Servant, whatever he was sent to do, he shall perform perfectly, completely, and successfully. "He shall not fail!" Did the Son of God come into this world to save his people? God says he did (Matt.1:21). Therefore, we must conclude that he will save them everyone! With the Christ of God failure is an impossibility! Not one soul for whom he is Surety and Substitute can, by any possibility, perish!

     HE HAS NOT FAILED! Looking into the future, Isaiah wrote, "He shall not fail!" Now we look back and say regarding the past, "He has not failed!" The Son of God has not failed to fulfil all the types, promises, and prophecies of the Old Testament Scriptures. He has not failed to establish perfect righteousness for men. He has not failed to redeem his people (Heb. 9:12).

     We believe in particular, effectual redemption precisely because it is the only redemption taught in the Bible. Any other theory of redemption presents Christ as a failure! To say that Christ suffered and died to redeem and save some who are finally lost in hell is to declare, as one Arminian did, that, "Hell is a ghastly monument to the failure of the triune God to save the multitudes who are there!" That cannot be! Christ Jesus has not failed to bear the sins of his people, to satisfy the infinite wrath and justice of God against our sins, and to completely put away our sins (Heb. 1:3; 9:26).

     I will go a step further and tell you that the Son of God has not failed to do me good. I speak from experience. I tell you only what I know to be true. Christ has never failed to meet my needs, to protect his child, to sustain my soul, to comfort my heart, to deliver me from evil, and to show himself faithful.

     There are some things of which we are assured because God has promised, "HE SHALL NOT FAIL!" He shall not fail to save every soul given to him in the covenant of grace (John 6:37-39; 10:16). He shall not fail to sovereignly rule all things for the eternal good of his people (John 17:2). He shall not fail to keep his own (John 10:28). He shall not fail to present you faultless before the presence of his glory (Jude 2425). In a word, Jesus Christ shall not fail to glorify his own great name. So let us never fail to praise him!



Don Fortner