"Thine Eyes Shall See The King In His Beauty"  



     When Sennacherib, with his immense Assyrian army, was about to attack Jerusalem, he sent Rabshakeh with a railing, blasphemous message to Hezekiah and his people (II Kings 18).When Hezekiah heard the threats and blas- phemies of the proud idolater,"He rent his clothes,cov- ered himself with sackcloth, and went into the house of God" (II Kings 19:1).Then he called for the priests and sent them covered with sackcloth to the prophet of God (II Kings 19:2-5). The people of Jerusalem had seen their king in humiliation,arrayed in sackcloth, wearing the garments of humility. But Isaiah,speaking by divine inspiration,sent a message to the people to cheer their hearts. His message was, "Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty." And they did (II Chron. 32:27-30).

     There is in Isaiah's words a message to cheer the hearts of God's saints today. There is a nobler King here than Hezekiah. He was the historical figure Isaiah had in mind. But the King spoken of here by the Spirit of God is the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Prince and Monarch of the universe.

     We have seen our beloved King humiliated in the days of his flesh.He was "despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows,and acquainted with grief"(Isa. 53:3). While he lived in this world sorrow was his robe, re- proach was his vesture,and adversity was his bread.None was more afflicted than the son of man. When he died, he died the painful, shameful, ignominious death of the cross. Reproach broke his heart. He was beaten, mocked, nailed to the cross, hung up naked before a mob of drunks and cruel Pharisees who,as they watched him die, spit in his face,beat him with their fists, plucked out his beard,and sang taunting,jeering songs of scorn. But now he has triumphed over his enemies!Now faith beholds the King in his beauty,returning with the dyed garments of Edom,robed in the splendor of victory. He no longer wears the purple robe of mockery. He is clothed with a garment down to the foot. He no longer wears a crown of thorns. A crown of glory now adorns the mighty Victor's brow. Around his waist there is the golden belt of conquest. From his side swing the keys of death, hell and the grave. And he sits upon the throne of majesty, glory and universal dominion. His beauty is his glorious, unrivalled, incontestable sovereignty and dominion as King of the universe!



Don Fortner