The Beauty Of Our Great King      

Isaiah 33:17


     "Christ is lovely. Christ is very lovely. Christ is most lovely. Christ is always lovely. Christ is altogether lovely!" (Thomas Brooks). We delight to sing of our Beloved, "He is altogether lovely!" And our God promises,"Thine eyes shall see the King in his Beauty!"

     What is that beauty which faith beholds in Christ the King? There is a natural beauty that belongs to Christ for he is God, who is "glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders." And there is a natural beauty in Christ as man. He is manhood in perfection! Certainly there is a natural beauty in him as the God-man. But the beauty of which Isaiah spoke is not that of our Savior's nature and character. The beauty, the glory, that Isaiah spoke of is the beauty and glory of his office and position as King.

     Hezekiah was a man of beautiful character when he wore the garments of humiliation (II Kings 19:1). But God promised his people that they would again see him in the beauty of his royal position upon the throne of Judah. Even so, the spiritual promise of our text is that God's elect shall see Christ in the beauty and glory of his royal position as their King.

     Our Savior had this beauty and glory, the beauty and glory of total dominion as King, from eternity (John 17:5). He who is the eternal God is the eternal King by incontestable right. He who is the express image of the Father's Person and the brightness of his glory was eternally rich in glory. But for our sakes he cast off that beauty which originally belonged to him (II Cor. 8:9).

     Today, our great King again wears the crown of glory and beauty as our Mediator.

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain,


The Prince of Peace who groaned and died;

Worthy to rise, and live, and reign,

At His almighty Father's side.


On his head are many crowns (Rev. 19:12). Christ Jesus wears the crown of a Conqueror who has vanquished every foe...A Prince who can never be defeated or overthrown...A Master who has the heart allegiance of all his Intercessor who can never fail...A Brother who is full of love...a Forerunner who for us is entered into glory...and a God whose purpose is sure, whose dominion is unfailing!



Don Fortner