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“Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace”

Isaiah 26:3


The words “perfect peace” might be translated “peace, peace,” or “peace upon peace.” They are intended to express peace in the most emphatic sense possible. The peace that God gives his people in Christ is certain peace, real peace, increasing peace, extensive peace, and everlasting peace.


No Danger

Peace is the absence of war and danger. There was a time when God appeared to be at war with us. But as soon as a sinner trusts Christ his warfare is over. And the danger of war is gone (Isaiah 40:1-2).


Reigning Peace

Peace reigns over all things within the circle of the believer’s life. All our sins have been completely forgiven forever, never to be charged against us, never to be remembered against us! Christ has taken possession of us, never to lose us. Our heavenly Father rules the universe, never neglecting us. God the Holy Spirit is our Divine Comforter. There is nothing we cannot safely commit to God our Savior. Cast “all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”


Soul Rest

The peace that God gives is rest in the soul (Psalm 42:5, 11; 43:5). As the body lying upon a bed finds rest for all its members, so the soul stretching itself out upon Christ finds rest and peace for every faculty. The heart finds rest in God’s love. Judgment finds rest in his wisdom. Desire finds rest in the Lord’s goodness. Hope rests in his Word. And expectation finds rest in the promises of God. Peace in the soul is resignation to the will of God, confidence in the goodness of God, and contentment with the providence of God.


Honest Survey

Child of God, take an honest survey of things. If you do not enjoy this peace, the blame must be laid at your door alone. We make ourselves restless by unbelief.

Look upward. — There is no sword of justice against you, no cup of wrath for you to bear, no angry God against you.

Look downward. — There is no condemnation, no death, no judgment, no second death, no hell for you to endure.

Look backward. — All your past sins are blotted out, forgiven, taken away, and remembered no more.

Look outward. — God has made all the beasts of the field, all the stones of the earth, all the trees of the forest, and even your enemies to be at peace with you.

Look inward. — God has set up a guard in your heart to keep your heart. His name is Peace, the Peace of God that “passeth understanding” is God’s gift to faith.

Look forward. — Heavenly glory awaits you. All that the Man Christ Jesus is and has done soon shall be yours!








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