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Some Repercussions of SatanŐs Fall


Isaiah 14:5-27


The fall of Satan, spoken of here by GodŐs prophet Isaiah, is the origin and cause of the conflict that has rocked the universe for more than 6000 years. In this portion of Holy Scripture, God the Holy Ghost teaches us to chant an enthusiastic ode, a jeering taunt, in the teeth of our great oppressor as we live in the expectation of standing with our feet upon his neck.

      The repercussions of SatanŐs fall are evident. I call your attention to four of them, four things that have taken place in the purpose of God as the result of SatanŐs fall.


1.     The first repercussion is found in Lucifer himself. — His name originally was Lucifer, the son of the morning. He became Satan, diabolic, a slanderer, an opposer, an oppressor, an enemy. He who was the anointed cherub is now the adversary of God and man.


2.     The second repercussion is seen in the angels who cast their lot with Satan. — In Revelation 12 we are told that 1/3 of the heavenly host followed SatanŐs lead and fought against Christ, there called Michael the Archangel.


      Perhaps you wonder, ŇWhy did they do it?Ó Why would holy, heavenly creatures leave their blessed estate and follow the deceiver? Why do you do it? Why does the world do it? Why does mankind reject the counsel of God and follow the prince of darkness? Why? Because Satan is a master deceiver. He is full of enticing promises, charming allurements, and exciting enchantments.


3.     The third repercussion of SatanŐs fall is the marring of GodŐs handiwork. — The slime of the serpent is now upon the creation of God.


     GodŐs creation was made without form and void by SatanŐs fall (Genesis 1:2; Isaiah 45:18). Man, who was created in the image of God, through the subtlety of Satan, was plunged into sin and death.


4.     The fourth repercussion of SatanŐs fall is the warfare that has raged throughout the ages between Satan and the Son of God, between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:15).


This warfare is both outward and inward. GodŐs elect, his church, the seed of Christ, the womanŐs Seed, is at war with the world, the serpentŐs seed. GodŐs elect are ever the object of SatanŐs rage (Revelation 12). The fiend of hell relentlessly seeks the destruction of the church of God. As Cain rose up to murder his righteous brother Abel, so all the unrighteous are always in arms against GodŐs saints, not because of anything they do, but only because of the God we worship, by whom we have the peace of perfect righteousness with Christ, being accepted in the Beloved. And this warfare is the constant warfare of that which is of the devil (our fallen nature) and that which is born of God (the new man in us, created in righteousness and true holiness.







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