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ÒThy pomp is brought down to the grave.Ó

Isaiah 14:9-19


From the beginning, Satan has sought to overthrow the throne of God, thwart the purpose of God, and destroy the people of God. But he has never been successful and never shall be.



Seven Assaults

SatanÕs first assault against the throne of God took place in heaven, sometime before the fall of Adam (Revelation 12). The second assault Satan made against God was in the Garden of Eden, when he led Adam and Eve to rebel against the Lord (Genesis 3:1-5). His third assault was shortly after the birth of Christ. — The Slaying of the Innocents by Herod. SatanÕs fourth assault was the temptation of our Lord Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4). His fifth assault was in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-46). The devilÕs sixth assault against the throne of God is the persecutions raised against his church in this world throughout history (Revelation 12). But the devilÕs final assault is the subtlest of all — Antichrist Religion! — He seeks to destroy the souls of men and the purpose of God by promoting every form of free-will/works religion (2 Thessalonians 2).

      We live in the midst of the greatest, most deceitful and deadly Satanic delusion the world has ever known. Arminian, free-will, works religion is the religion of antichrist, the religion of Babylon, the religion of Lucifer. Lucifer was the first Òfreewiller.Ó All free will religion, all the will-worship religion of antichrist was spawned in hell. Read SatanÕs bloated ÒI willsÓ against the triune God (Isaiah 14:13-14). Be sure you also read GodÕs response to the DevilÕs pride (Isaiah 14:24-27; Ezekiel 28:16-18).


SatanÕs Sure Defeat

Though it appears that the fiend of hell has been turned loose to deceive the nations of the world for a little season (Revelation 20:3), his doom is sure (Revelation 20:7-10). Isaiah 14 is a prophecy of SatanÕs final overthrow by the power of God.

      In hell all the multitudes of the damned will themselves be turned against him who is the cause of their ruin. Satan shall be isolated, alone, and tormented forever. He who was once the highest creature of God shall be brought down to be the lowest foul thing in hell.

      When I read the prophetÕs words here about hell and everlasting damnation, I am astonished and tremble for you who choose to ignore it and run headlong into everlasting torment. Hell from beneath is moved at SatanÕs coming. The territories of the damned are represented as opening to receive a more than ordinary prisoner taking up his eternal dwelling there. All the damned of the earth, who trembled at his power, are brought together into one common level of horror and misery, each taunting and cursing the other, and all turning their spite upon Satan.

      The movement of hell to meet the Devil is beyond conception. It is as if those infernal regions of horror feel convulsed at his approach and welcome his everlasting torment. The taunting jeers from the peoples of the earth, whom the monarch of Babylon hastened and sent there, are expressed, being filled with astonishment to show us something of the deep and bitter malignity ruling the hearts of the damned, which aggravates their torments and fills the full measure of corrosive and everlasting misery heaped upon and suffered by them forever!







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