"His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful!"  

Isaiah 9:6


     Our Savior is called what he is - WONDERFUL! The Lord Jesus Christ is WONDERFUL IN HIS PERSON. Who can describe the beauty and the glory of Immanuel? He is God.But he is also Man,as much God as though he were not man, yet as much man as though he were not God. Christ is the GODMAN, the only Mediator between God and men.

     He is WONDERFUL IN THE QUALITY OF HIS CHARACTER. Christ's love for his people is indescribable. His voluntary humiliation, meekness, and patience throughout the days of his earthly visitation, set before us an example of true holiness by which the lives of all men should be governed. His sympathy with his people is such that, even now, he is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. And the earthly life of the Lord Jesus was a constant series of wonders.

 1. He was born of a virgin.

 2. Wise men were directed to him by a special star.

 3. He was miraculously preserved from Herod's slaughter     of the infants.

 4. When he was only eight days old, Simeon and Anna         worshipped Christ in the Temple at Jerusalem as          Jehovah our Savior.

 5. When he was twelve years old, the boy Jesus, who is      God all-wise, taught the doctors in the Temple the       Word of God.

 6. When he came to be baptized by John,the Father spoke     from heaven, the Spirit descended visibly upon him,      and the Son of God condescended to fulfil all            righteousness.

 7. After forty days and nights of fasting and prayer,       the Man Christ met satan in the wilderness of temp-      tation and triumphed where the first man, Adam,fell.

 8. The doctrines he taught were heavenly, spiritual         truths that only God himself could reveal, yet in        perfect fulfilment of the Old Testament Scriptures.

 9. The miracles performed by this Man, upon his own         authority, were manifestly the works of God alone.

10. And upon the mount of transfiguration the Son of man     was revealed in his glory as the Son of God.

     Here is a Man, the only Man, who can properly wear this name, WONDERFUL. And this man is God our Savior. The wonders of his earthly life demonstrate the fact of his eternal deity. The Lord Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, is the Son of God. And he is Wonderful!


Don Fortner