"His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful!"    

Isaiah 9:6


     Hours upon hours could and should be spent tracing out and meditating upon the wonders of our Savior's earthly life. Every believer should strive to pattern his life after the example of him whose life is best described by the name WONDERFUL. But wonderful as his earthly life was, it would all be meaningless, were it not for the greater wonders that followed.

     Our Lord Jesus Christ was WONDERFUL IN HIS DEATH. It is a wonder that he should ever have died at all. He is the Prince of life, the Lord of life and glory. He is life! Apart from him there is no life. Yet, he died by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God and by his own voluntary will. Our Savior died, the Just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God. He died for sinners, the chief of sinners, that we who deserve to die might have life. By his death the Son of God abolished death for his people, destroyed him that had power over death, the devil, obtained eternal redemption for God's elect,and secured their everlasting salvation.

     After three days in the earth the Son of God arose from the grave.And he was WONDERFUL IN HIS RESURRECTION. His human body was resurrected by his own divine power. Before he saw corruption, at the time specified by the types and prophecies of the Old Testament, Christ came forth from the tomb with the same body in which he suf- fered and died. And thus he declared the accomplished justification of those whose sins he bore upon the tree.

     Christ Jesus is WONDERFUL IN HIS ASCENSION AND EXALTATION as the King of kings and Lord of lords. He was taken up in a cloud into heaven. There he took his seat upon the throne of universal dominion, receiving all the gifts of grace for his redeemed people. And now he rules over all flesh, with total sovereignty, to effectually give those blood bought gifts to his own elect. That great King, the Lord Jesus  Christ is also the all-prevailing High Priest over the house of God, ever making intercession for his needy children upon the earth. He is our Advocate with the Father.

     And our great Savior shall be WONDERFUL IN HIS GLORIOUS SECOND ADVENT. "Behold he cometh!" This very same Jesus shall come the second time without sin unto salvation. He will gather the bodies of his saints from their graves, transform those who are alive at his coming,destroy all his enemies, and make all things new.


Don Fortner