"His Name Shall Be Called, The Prince Of Peace"   

Isa. 9:6


     The Lord Jesus Christ is a Prince, being the King's Son, the Son of God. But he is called "the Prince of Peace" by virtue of the office,power, and authority given to him as our Mediator (John 17:2).And this Prince is the Prince of the kings of the earth,the sovereign Monarch of the universe.He is exalted to be a Prince and a Savior to give repentance, faith, and eternal life to God's elect.

     CHRIST IS CALLED THE PRINCE OF PEACE BECAUSE HE IS THE AUTHOR OF PEACE. He has made peace between God and sinners by the blood of his cross. The chastisement of our peace was laid upon him, because he agreed to bear it in the covenant of peace he made with the Father as our Surety. When he died, God was in Christ reconciling the world of his elect to himself, not imputing our trespasses to us, but imputing our trespasses to his own dear Son. Christ is also the Author of peace between men and men. When he sends his Spirit into the hearts of men and brings them into the church, he breaks down the barriers of race, culture, and nationality, and unites all believers together as brothers and sisters of one family (Eph. 2:14-20; Col. 3:10-11).

     CHRIST IS ALSO CALLED THE PRINCE OF PEACE BECAUSE HE IS THE GIVER OF PEACE.He says,"My peace give I unto you." He bestows peace upon all who believe. He speaks peace in our hearts by revealing to us his love, mercy, and grace, by assuring us of redemption, pardon, and righteousness through his blood, by manifesting his presence, power, and goodness, and by the Spirit of peace which he gives to his own. He teaches us peace as he teaches us of his sovereign goodness, his substitutionary atonement, and his adorable providence. Wherever peace is found, in the world, in the church, or in the hearts of men, it is the gift of Christ, the Prince of Peace. And in the world to come, Christ will give eternal peace to his elect.

     ALL THAT CONCERNS CHRIST AS A KING SHOWS HIM TO BE THE PRINCE OF PEACE. His kingdom is not in meat and drink, but love, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit. The royal proclamation of his kingdom is the gospel of peace. The rod of his kingdom is the sceptre of peace. The fruit of his Spirit is peace. And his subjects are the peaceable ones of the earth. Where the Prince of Peace reigns in the hearts of men, the homes of his saints, or the churches of his elect, there is peace. Our Master's name is THE PRINCE OF PEACE.


Don Fortner