"His Name Shall Be Called The Mighty God  

Isaiah 9:6


     Jesus Christ, our Savior, is God, Jehovah, the Most High God, the high and lofty One who inhabits eternity, the second Person of the holy Trinity, possessing all the attributes of the Godhead, in every way equal to the Father and the Spirit.His Godhead is demonstrated by the works of creation, providence and grace attributed to him and the worship he receives from men and angels as God. All who know him declare, this Man is "My LORD and my God!" The Bible declares that Christ is God manifest in the flesh, over all, blessed forever, the great God, the living God, the true God, and eternal life. Isaiah tells us that he is God, the Mighty One. His mighty power as God, his omnipotence, is revealed in the works he performs, works which none but God himself could do.

     THE WORKS HE PERFORMED BEFORE HIS INCARNATION DEMONSTRATE THAT CHRIST IS THE MIGHTY GOD. Who but the Mighty God could create all things out of nothing,uphold all things by the Word of his power, and sovereignly manage all the affairs of providence? These are works attributed to Christ throughout the Scriptures. He not only had a hand in them, he performed them!

     THE WORKS PERFORMED BY CHRIST WHILE HE WAS UPON THE EARTH WERE THE WORKS OF GOD,THE MIGHTY ONE.He healed the sick by the word of his power, fed the multitudes with the loaves and fish, cast out devils, calmed the winds and the sea by his voice, and raised the dead by his own word.The Man who did these things is God,the Mighty One!

     CHRIST SHOWED HIMSELF TO BE THE MIGHTY GOD BY HIS GREAT WORK OF REDEMPTION. He gave himself into the hands of wicked men; yet he controlled their hands. He never knew sin;but he bore all the sins of all his people. And when the justice of God fell upon him, he satsified it fully with his precious blood, and put away all the sins of God's elect forever. Then he breathed out his life. And, after three days, he raised himself to life again!

     HIS WORKS OF GRACE IN HIS ELECT MAKE ALL WHO EXPERIENCE HIS GRACE TO KNOW THAT CHRIST JESUS IS THE MIGHTY GOD. Who but God could make rebels willing in the day of his power, subdue our sins, clear our consciences of guilt, deliver us from the power of satan, keep us in the hour of temptation, restore us when we fall, comfort our hearts in trouble, keep us in peace in this world, and preserve us in grace and faith? We who believe know by experience that Christ is God, the mighty One!


Don Fortner