Isaiah 9:6


Never was there a name so wonderful as the name of our Savior. He is the LORD JESUS CHRIST. The Lord - our Master, our King, our Sovereign, our God. Jesus - our Savior, our Redeemer, our Deliverer. Christ - anointed one. He was anointed by God as the Prophet, Priest, and King of his people. This is the One whom the Father deemed able to save us and worthy of all glory. He is Wonderful, in the estimation of the Father, of the heavenly angels, and of all his people.


1. He is Wonderful In His Covenant - In covenant mercy, the Son of God agreed to become our Savior and to accomplish for us a perfect salvation.

2. He is Wonderful in His Compassion - Behold how he loves us' He has loved us with an eternal, sovereign, distinguishing, personal, perfect, and infinite love.

3. He is Wonderful In His Condescension - Behold the humiliation of the Son of God! In a gigantic step downwards, he took upon himself our nature. Throughout the days of his sojourn upon this earth he lived in humiliation. Poverty, pain, and persecution followed the Man of Sorrows all his days. As great as the humiliation of the incarnation was, it was nothing in comparison with that humiliation he endured upon the cross as our Substitute! He bore shame, scourging, scoffing, and spitting for us. At last he was made to be sin for us! Being slain in our place, he was buried in a borrowed tomb. Oh, wonderful condescension!

4.  He is Wonderful In His Crowning - After three days in the grave, the Son of God came forth triumphant over the grave. Forty days later he ascended to the throne of glory as our Mediator King. The God-man is crowned with glory and honor, never to be humbled again. All the universe is under his sovereign rule.

5. He is Wonderful In His Care - The Son of God rules all people and all events, working all things together for the good of his people. The Lord of glory is our Protector, Provider, and Preserver.

6. He is Wonderful In His Coming - "Behold, he cometh'" Yes, he is coming again! He is coming now! Soon the Son God, our Savior shall again be upon the earth. All things shall be put under his feet!