Who Will The Lord Use?          

Isaiah 6:8


     God used a little boy to bring his word to old Eli. He used a young shepherd boy to slay Goliath and deliver Israel from the blaspheming Philistines. The Lord used a young Hebrew girl to direct the mighty Naaman to his prophet and ultimately to himself. He used young king Josiah to purge the land of Judah of idolatry and restore the worship of God. He used young Esther to obtain the favor of King Ahasuerus and save his people. In a word, God will use any who are willing to be used by him, as he sees fit, for his glory. Not all believers are preachers, neither should they be. But we are all the servants of our God. Let us willingly serve him in whatever capacity he may choose, in whatever way he may allow. When Isaiah saw the need of one to speak for God, he said, "Here am I; send me." Let us each do the same. If we are willing to be used of God, he will use us.



Don Fortner