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“Many waters cannot quench love.”

Song of Solomon 8:7


The Love of Christ is unquenchable love. No other love is really unquenchable, but our Savior’s love is. His love is eternal and everlasting, immutable and unalterable. The love of Christ is infinitely beyond that of a father or a mother, or a brother or a sister, or a husband or a wife. The love of Christ is the one and only love that passeth knowledge, the one love that nothing in heaven, or earth, or hell is able to extinguish or cool, the one love whose dimensions are beyond all measure (Ephesians 3:14-19).

Our Redeemer’s love is compared to fire that cannot be quenched. As such it is affirmed that “waters,” “many waters” cannot quench it. Christ’s love for us is a thing of life which the floods cannot drown (Psalm 69:15, 93:3).

The water floods of our sin and fall in our father Adam did not quench the flame of Jehovah’s eternal love for our souls. God’s eternal love cannot be altered by that which takes place in time. Though we were born “children of wrath even as others,” and were justly condemned in our own guilty consciences, God’s love for his elect was unaffected by our fall in Adam.

The waters of shame and suffering sought to quench and drown it. They would have hindered its outflowing, and come (like Peter) between the Savior and the cross; but his love refused to be quenched on its way to Calvary. Herein was love! It leaped over all the barriers in its way. It refused to be extinguished or drowned. Its fire would not be quenched. Its life could not be drowned. — See his love in Gethsemane!

The waters of death sought to quench it. The waves and billows of death went over the great Lover of my soul. The grave sought to cool and quench his love; but his love for my soul proved itself stronger than death. Neither death nor the grave could alter or weaken his love for me. It came out of both death and the grave as strong as before. Love defied death and overcame it. — See his love at Calvary (2 Corinthians 5:21)!

The waters of our unworthiness could not quench nor drown the love of Christ for our souls. Love is usually attracted to that which is loveable. When something ugly, unlovely, unattractive comes, love (as it is called) withdraws from its object. Not so here. All our unfitness and unloveableness could not quench nor drown the love of Christ. It clings to the unlovely, and refuses to be torn away.

Though we went astray from the womb speaking lies and lived all the days of our rebellion with our fists in God’s face, hating God, his love for his chosen stood firm all the days of our rebellion. The waters of our long rejection sought to quench it. Though the gospel showed us that personal unworthiness could not arrest the love of Christ, we continued to reject him and his love. We continued to hate him and despise his love. Yet, his love for us rose above our enmity to him, rose above our unbelief, and survived our hardness. In spite of everything we are and have done, his love was unquenched.

Though he has saved us by his matchless grace, the filthy water floods of our daily inconsistency, unbelief, and sin seek to quench his love, but, blessed be his name, without success! Even after experiencing his adorable grace, we are constantly spurning his unspurnable love! What inconsistencies, coldness, lukewarmness, unbelief, worldliness, hardness, and utter ungodliness daily flows against the Savior’s love, like a mighty flood to quench its fire and drown its life! Yet it survives all; it remains unquenched, unquenchable and unchanged!

All these indescribable evils in us are like “waters,” “many waters,” like “floods,” torrents of sin, waves and billows of evil, all constantly laboring to quench and drown the love of Christ! They would annihilate any other love, any love less than his. But, blessed be his name forever, our Savior’s love is unchangeable and everlasting!




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