Which is better, birth or death? Is it better to go to a party, or to the funeral parlor? Which will do a person more good, sorrow or laughter? It might surprise you to read what the wisest man who ever lived said about those things in Ecclesiastes 7.


     "Who knoweth what is good for a man's life?" (Eccles. 6:12). Is it better for me to be wealthy or poor? Is it better for me to be healthy or sick? Is it better for me to be strong or weak? The fact is, only God knows! Wealth, health, and strength of life may be a great blessing or a great curse. Poverty, sickness, and weakness, the things all men seek to avoid, may be tremendous blessings from God. They do come from him, you know (Isa. 45:7; Rom. 11:36).


     This much I know - Whatever it takes for God to get my attention is good for me. Whatever makes me wake up and think upon my sin, my immortal soul, the brevity of life, the certainty of God's judgment, and the eternality of heaven and hell. Whatever God uses to drive me to my knees, to force me to call upon him for mercy is good for me. (Read Psalm 107.) Whatever it takes to reconcile this rebel's heart to God and bring me to Jesus Christ in faith, to wean me from this world and keep me looking to Christ, that is good for me!


     Has God done something to you to get your attention? Has the Almighty crossed your path? If he has, you will be wise to seek him now. The time may come when he will leave you alone. If he does that you will be lost forever!


Donald S. Fortner, Pastor


2734 Old Stanford Road

Danville, Kentucky 40422