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“Good News”

Proverbs 25:25


I have a good many dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, who could benefit greatly by a little good news. I want, by the Spirit of God, to be a messenger of good news to them and to you.


Good News for Sinners

Here is good news for helpless sinners from the almighty God of sovereign grace. The God against whom we have sinned is a gracious, almighty God. It is true; God is holy, righteous, and just. He must and will punish sin. But it is the glory of God to forgive iniquity, transgression, and sin. His goodness is his glory (Exodus 33:18-19; 34:5-7).

This great God has found a way to save sinners without compromising his holy character. He gave his Son, Jesus Christ, to be a propitiation for our sins. The Lord Jesus Christ has obtained eternal redemption for every sinner who comes to God by him.


Good News for Pilgrims

Here is good news for weary, heavy-hearted pilgrims from our homeland in heaven. Do you have heartaches and troubles too numerous to count? It will do you good to receive some good news from home. — The Lord our God is still on his throne. — Our Savior is still in heaven, preparing a place for you, representing you, interceding for you. — There are many in heaven just like you and me already. There is a fallen David there, a doubting Thomas, an angry Moses, a feeble Philip, an impetuous Peter, and a righteous Lot. All are there by grace alone, through the merits of Christ’s blood and righteousness.

And you are wanted there! God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost want you there. The angels of God want you there. Your glorified brethren want you there. — And, soon, the Lord Jesus Christ will come again to take you there (John 14:1-3).


Good News for the Church

And we have good news for the church above from the church here below. Our brothers and sisters in heaven are interested in God’s church on earth. They rejoice to hear that sinners are repenting. God’s saints are running the race with patience. Gospel churches are being established. The gospel is spreading again through America, Mexico, Africa, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, and the islands of the seas. God’s saints are growing in grace. Some are growing old gracefully. Some are growing feeble, but growing strong in the Lord. And some will be going home soon. — Rejoice! There is good news all around!




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