Would you like to have more friends?

Proverbs 18:24


     What is life without the cheering, enriching companionship of real friends?. That person who is poor in friends is poor indeed. What can be more miserable, upon this earth, than being friendless and alone? There are many pretentions and professions of friendship. But real friends are jewels as rare as they are precious. "A friend loveth at all times" (Pro. 17:17). No one has too many friends. Yet, there are many who have very few, if any, real friends. Would you like to have more? Solomon tells us how to get and keep true friends.


     "A man that hath friends mus show himself friendly." It really is that simple. How many friends have been thrown away, as though they were needless, useless things, by neglect, unreasonable demands and abuse! If we would have friends, we must learn to treat others as we would like to be treated. If you like for people to greet you with a warm, friendly smile, try greeting people with a warm, friendly smile. If you want people to be thoughtful of you, try being thoughtful of them. If you want people to speak kindly to you, try speaking kindly to them. If you want people to include you in their company, conversations and social activities, try including them in yours. If you wish people would invite you to their home, try inviting them to yours. If you wish someone would write to you, send you a card, or give you a call, try writing or calling them. If you wish folks would visit you when you are sick, try visiting those who are sick. If you want people to attend functions you have, try attending the functions they have. If you want the folks at church to be more friendly, try being more friendly. If you wish folks were less critical, try being less critical. If you wish they were more forgiving, try forgiving them. If you wish people would overlook you faults, try overlooking theirs. If you want people to love you, love them. If you want people to show you their love, show them your love.


     These things may seem trite and simple, perhaps even childish. But I have observed that they really do work. Most people who are lacking in real friends lack real friendliness. They are usually churlish, easily offended and self-centered. I have never met a friendly person who did not have many friends, a loving person who was not loved, or a scornful person who was not scorned. Love begets love. Friendliness begets friendliness. FRIENDS ALWAYS HAVE FRIENDS.


Don Fortner