"He That Soweth Discord"     

Proverbs 8:19


     "He that soweth discord among brethren" is described by Solomon as one of those things which God hates, which are an abomination to him. Very few people are so openly malicious as to announce that it is their intention to divide and destroy a family, friends, or the fellowship of a church. Satan is more subtle than that. He moves men and women to stir up strife by whisperings of slander, rumor and innuendo. They come in the name of honesty and candor, to "air their feelings," or to "express their concern." First, they speak privately to individuals. Then, when they think they have mustered enough support to force their way, they are more open, willing to divide brethren for their petty grievances. Be warned. This spirit is not of God. God hates it. It is fleshly and devilish. Have nothing to do with it. "Only by pride cometh contention" (Prov. 13:10).


Don Fortner