Who Is The God Of The Bible?

"Our God ill in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath  pleased." Psalm 115:3


                 My friends, the God of the Bible is an absolute sovereign; and anything less than an absolute sovereign is not God. This is the one characteristic of god which men rebel against universally. Therefore, we must insist it continually. God can do what he pleases. What has it pleased God to do what he pleases. What has it pleased God to do?


1.  It Pleased God To Make You His People. (I Sam. 12:22, Eph. l:4). The Lord did not have to make you his people, and he did not need us. But it pleased the Lord to make you his own. By Covenant Election, By Special Adoption, By Sovereign Regeneration, By Faith in Christ. If we are God's people, it is only because it pleased God to make us such.


2.  It Pleased God That All Fulness Dwell In Christ (Col. 1:18-19). God, the Father, resolved in eternity to reveal himself unto men by Christ, the Mediator. And every revelation that God makes to men is in Christ. All the promises, blessings, and mercies of God are in Christ. Jesus Christ is the fulness of divine grace and is the fulness of divine glory, He is the glory of creation, being the first born of every creature. He s the glory of  the church, for he is the head of the body. And he is the glory of eternity. For in heave we shall see his face.


3.  It Pleased God To Bruise Christ In The Place Of Sinners. (Isa. 53:10). It was foretold in Genesis 3:15 that Satan would bruise the Savior's heal. But here it is God, the Father, bruising his Son for us. Like corn is bruised and crushed under the millstone, Jesus Christ          -was bruised in body and crushed in soul, when he was made to be sin for us. And it pleased God to bruise him! What was God's pleasure? It was not the suffering of his Son that pleased him, but the result of that suffering. By bruising Christ in our place, his people are redeemed!


4. It Pleased God To Reveal His Son In Me (Gal. 1:15-16). In the fulness of time, God reveals his Son in all of those for whom he was bruised, This is God's effectual call. When Christ is revealed in a man, faith is begotten in him.

Don Fortner