"Behold, I Am Vile!"    

Job 40:4


     A genuine sight of our vileness is the work of Christ alone by his Spirit. The law is only a mirror, able to reflect the filthiness of a person, but the law gives no eyes to see that filthiness. Bring a mirror and set it before a blind man. He sees no more spots on his face than if he had none at all. Though the mirror is a good mirror, still it cannot give eyes. Yet, if the man had eyes, he would, in the mirror, see his blemishes. The Apostle James compares the law to a mirror. It possesses no ability to do anything but reflect that which stands before it. It does not impart the ability to see what it reflects. It is Christ alone who opens the eyes of men to behold their own vileness and guilt. He opens the eyes, and then in the law, a man sees what he is: corruption, sin and guilt.



Don Fortner