HereŐs a Question for Which

Your Conscience Demands an Answer

Job 9:2


You may suppress it, you may not like to face it, but whenever you think about death and eternity, whenever you think about meeting God in judgment, your conscience demands an answer to this question: — How can a man be justified with God? If you could find the answer to that question, an answer that would satisfy your guilty, accusing conscience, you would have what few men have — Peace.


You know that God is, that he is holy and that one day you must meet this holy Lord God in judgment. I donŐt need to prove those things to you. Your conscience, the voice of God in your soul, bears me witness. You also know that you are a guilty sinner, deserving of GodŐs holy wrath by nature. Again, Ňthe law of God written in your heart and conscienceÓ bears me witness. Your very conscience tells you that God must and will punish sin. Consequently, you must soothe, or quieten your guilty conscience by finding an answer to the question, — How can a man be just with God?


You offer personal sacrifices, moral reformation, religious works and deeds of charity, but your conscience still condemns you. Your conscience says, ŇThatŐs not enough!Ó The only way a sinner can be made righteous and be justified with the holy Lord God is through the blood atonement rendered to him by his Son, the sinnerŐs substitute, the Lord Jesus Christ.








Don Fortner



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