A Time To Do Something               

2 Kings 7:3


Some circumstances call for motivity. There are times when we are to be, as Paul puts it, "Workers together with God" (II Cor. 6:1). These four leprous men had to do something. Otherwise, they would certainly die. If they sat still and did nothing, they would die. If they went into Samaria, where everyone was starving to death, they would surely die. And if they went to the camp of the Syrians, they would probably die. The Syrians would most likely kill them. But they might possibly live. The Syrians might spare them. And if they did, there was plenty of food in the Syrian camp for their starving souls. So they looked at each other and said, "Why sit we here until we die?"


It would have been foolish for these men to sit still, do nothing, and wait for God to bring them food, when all they had to do was walk across the field and eat. Such presumption in the face of obvious opportunity and responsibility is inexcusable! Yet, in spiritual matters, many are just that presumptuous. I hope you are not. When circumstances demand that we do something, we must not sit still and do nothing.


When the salvation of your immortal soul is at stake, when you are in danger of being lost forever, it is time to do something. If you sit down and say, "I am waiting for God to save me," you will never be saved. God does not knock sinners in the head and drag them to heaven. If you do not want Christ, he will not be forced upon you. You will not be saved until you seek the Lord (Jer. 29:12-13). If you choose to do so, you can sit still and go to hell. Or, you may come to Christ and be saved. But, if you wish to be saved, there are some things you must do (Acts 2:37-38; 16:30-31). You must repent. You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Believing him, you must publicly devote yourself to him in believer's baptism.


When something needs to be done, which we have the opportunity and ability to do, for the glory of God, the cause of Christ, the furtherance of the gospel, or the good of others, it is time to do something. To sit still when God gives us the opportunity to do something, to do anything, for Christ is the height of ingratitude. "Whatsoever he saith unto you," by his Word, by his Spirit, or by his providence, "do it." Do it with all our might. And do it now (Eccles. 9:10).



Don Fortner