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“He Forsook the Counsel of the Old Men”

1 Kings 12:8

How foolishly young adults follow the example of Rehoboam! Rather than seeking and following the counsel of older men and women who have the wisdom of age and experience, they follow the counsel of their peers. Never is this folly more costly than it is to young preachers! Many promising, gifted young preachers have brought their ministries to ruin by heeding the counsel of other young preachers and forsaking “the counsel of the old men.”

Old men are not always wise, but they are usually much wiser than the young. This is especially true with regard to faithful, gospel preachers. When I was a young preacher, God providentially brought several older pastors into my life, most of them 10 – 30 years my senior, who became my closest friends. From those men, many of them now with the Lord, I learned much and avoided much. The older I get the more I revere them and give thanks to God for them.







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