2sa 23v15-16 Water Poured Out to the Lord



II Samuel 23:15-16


David had been engaged in battle for a long time. He was tired and thirsty. And he longed for a refreshing drink of water from the well of Bethlehem, which was held by the Philistines. David's three mighty men loved him so much that they were willing to endanger their own lives to get him what he desired. So they broke through the garrison of the Philistines and brought the refreshing draught of water back to David. But David would not drink it. Instead, he "poured it out unto the Lord." In this act David sets a good example for us to follow.

These thoughts were suggested to me last week by Bro. Scott Richardson. That which David gave to the Lord was A VERY COMMON THING. It was not something great and rare. It was just water. Most of us want to do something great, but God expects us to do what we can. We want to give something of great value and usefulness, but God expects us just to give what we have. Yet, David's sacrifice was A VERY COSTLY AND DESIRABLE THING. It was obtained by the jeopardy of the lives of his three mighty men. He did not give that for which he felt he had no need. David both wanted and needed this water. But he poured it out unto the Lord. He gave God the best, the most useful, and the most desirable thing that he had at the time. This sacrifice was A DEDICATED AND CONSECRATED THING. Scott made this observation, "This water was given to God. It was not for personal use. Water spilt on the ground to the Lord is not wasted and lost. A thing becomes holy when it is given to the Lord. God has no regard to what we do or how much we give; but he looks upon the heart to see our attitude, our motive, and our purpose in doing it. And this was A THING THAT COULD NOT BE TAKEN BACK. Water poured out on the ground cannot be retrieved. There were no strings attached, no stipulations made. David had received freely, and he gave freely.

This is the way we ought to give. First we must give ourselves wholeheartedly to the Lord. Then give what we have to the Lord. And we ought to give the best that we have to our Redeemer. We have not made any real sacrifice until we have given that which we need and desire, and that which is of real value to us. Give not just to a man or religious organization, but give that which you give unto the Lord, for his honor, his glory, and his use. And give freely, desiring nothing in return.