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JephthahÕs Vow

Judges 11:30-40


That for which Jephthah is most commonly known is his vow to God and the fact that he conscientiously kept it, though it was terribly painful for him to do so, and even more painful for his cherished daughter, his only child. Most look upon his vow as a weakness, and consider his keeping of the vow a matter of greater weakness still. The fact that JephthahÕs name is mentioned, and that he is held before us as an example of faith in Hebrews 11:32 convinces me that this is the very thing for which this remarkable man is commended to us. JephthahÕs vow is directly linked to his victory over the Ammonites, an act of faith in Christ, for which he is held before us in Hebrews 11 as an example to follow. JephthahÕs fidelity and perseverance in the faith is seen in the keeping of his vow by keeping his daughter in continual virginity. If his dog had come out to meet him, no one would ever imagine that he would have offered his dog on GodÕs altar, polluting it with the blood of a dog. Yet, many insist that Jephthah killed his daughter to keep his vow to the Lord. That simply was not, and could not have been the case.







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