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Another Jubilee Trumpet

Leviticus 25:1-55


The gospel is God’s jubilee trumpet. Blessed are they who hear the glad sound (Isaiah 27:13; Psalm 89:15). But there is another jubilee trumpet we will soon hear. Let us live upon the tiptoe of hope and expectation, listening for its sound (1 Corinthians 15:51-52; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 11:15-19). Once that trumpet blows announcing the glorious coming of our Savior, and our eternal jubilee has commenced, we shall forever enjoy atonement to its fullest, liberty beyond imagination, forgiveness in its greatest magnificence, rest in perfection, bounty beyond measure, restoration such as eye has not seen, ear has not heard, and the heart of man has never conceived, and brotherly love in unfailing perfection!


Kinsman Redeemer

Have you heard the joyful sound? Has the Son of God made you free? Has the Lord Jesus caused you to return to your long-lost, long ago forfeited inheritance? Let us never forget the unspeakable mercy. Hail, Almighty Deliverer, blessed Redeemer of your captives! I had sold my possession, sold myself for nothing; and you have redeemed it for me again without money. I had sold it, but could not destroy it, because the right of redemption was with my Kinsman Redeemer.


      Yes, blessed Son of God, your brethren shall praise you. You are the next of kin, the nearest of all relations, and the dearest of all brothers. And you have redeemed both body and soul, both lands and inheritance, by your blood. You, O blessed Christ, have so completely redeemed all that it can never be lost again, and never forfeited!


      Let the jubilee trumpet sound and be heard through all the land in this gospel day! Give liberty to the captive and sight to the blind. Bring forth the prisoners out of the prison, and them that sit in darkness into your great light.


      Oh, cause us to know the joyful sound, and daily to walk in the light of your countenance. Cause us, by the sweet influences of your Holy Spirit, to live in the constant expectation of the year of the everlasting jubilee, when the trumpet of the archangel shall finally sound, and all the redeemed shall return to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads. Oh, blessed, blessed hope! Then we shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. Hallelujah!


Distinguishing Grace

Do not overlook the display given of God’s special, distinguishing grace given in the jubilee law. In Leviticus 25:44-46 the Lord God specifically distinguishes Israel’s bondmen from all other bondmen. The jubilee portrayed special grace, God’s saving grace in Christ; therefore we read here that only those bondmen who were God’s covenant people would be set to go free in the year of jubilee, all of those bondmen, but only those bondmen. So it is in the fulfilment of the type. Christ Jesus, by almighty, effectual, irresistible grace, sends forth and delivers his prisoners (Zechariah 9:11).




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