Not Always A Lamb, Not Always Blood, Not Always A Male  

Leviticus 3:1


     I have often said, "The Word of God constantly portrays the Lord Jesus Christ's person and work under the figure of a lamb." Certainly, that is true. The Scriptures universally demonstrate the necessity of blood atonement by the sacrifice of the Lamb of God upon the altar of divine justice. In the types and prophecies of the Old Testament and the gospels and epistles of the New, the Lamb of God is ever set before us. But it must never be assumed that the only representation of our Lord's person and work is a lamb. One animal certainly cannot adequately represent the person and work of the infinite God, our Savior.

     THE MOST COMMON SACRIFICE WAS A LAMB; BUT IT WAS NOT ALWAYS A LAMB.The sacrifice was always to be an innocent victim without spot or blemish. "It must be perfect to be accepted." The sacrifice was always a clean animal,representing the perfect holiness and righteousness of Christ. But numerous animals were slain in typical portrayals of Christ's sin-atoning death as our Substitute. A great variety were slain to show that Christ died for and saves sinners of every nation,race, and social rank. The beasts were all tame, none wild,to show the meekness of Christ. The horned beasts showed Christ's power to push down his enemies and do his will.The lamb showed his humiliation.The bullock showed his strength. The dove represented his tenderness.

     THE SACRIFICES WERE USUALLY SLAIN BY THE VIOLENT SHEDDING OF BLOOD; BUT BLOOD WAS NOT ALWAYS SHED. "Without shedding of blood is no remission." Sin cannot be put away without justice being satisfied. And justice cannot be satisfied without the death of an infinitely meritorious victim. That is what all the blood sacrifices represented. But there must also be a scapegoat to portray that the sins for which Christ was put to death are forever gone. That scapegoat was not slain, but vividly pictured Christ Jesus carrying away our sins forever when he died!

     THE VICTIM SLAIN WAS USUALLY A MALE, BUT NOT ALWAYS. The male sacrifices were necessary to demonstrate that Christ would come as the last Adam. But God also required the sacrifice of the red heifer to show that Christ came to save women as well as men, the weak and the strong, by the sacrifice of himself.


Don Fortner