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The Ten Commandments

Exodus 20:1-26


When we read the 20th chapter of Exodus, we are standing at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Moses declares, “The LORD came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery law for them” (Deuteronomy 33:2). But Sinai is all darkness, until Zion’s Sun of Righteousness rises upon it. Then, the darkness melts before the rising Sun. The angry roars are hushed by the sound of grace. The terrors of darkness are dispersed by the Light of Life. And the quaking is settled by the Prince of Peace as we are made to see that Sinai opens the way to Zion and its blissful slopes of mercy, love, and grace.


Law’s End

How vast and infinitely important God’s righteous law is! It was delivered with such awful solemnity on Mt. Sinai that all the children of Israel were filled with fear as they stood before the quaking mountain. That fact alone should fill our hearts with constantly increasing joy, praise, and thanks-giving for the unspeakable gift of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, our precious, blessed, holy, law-fulfilling, law-satisfying Surety! He answered all the demands of Sinai’s law for us; and, answering those demands, he is declared to be “the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth” (Romans 10:4).

      With every renewed view of our blessed Savior, who has, with his own blood, redeemed us from the curse of the law, let us renew our praises to the God of all grace. With every renewed conviction of sin, as we remember our iniquities, transgressions, and sins, let us lift our hearts with renewed gratitude and adoration to our ever gracious Triune Jehovah.


Blessed Surety

Blessed Spirit of God, by the sweet influences of your grace in our hearts, teach us to cherish the redemption that is ours in Christ Jesus, and to cherish our Redeemer. In great love for our souls, he stood forth as our Surety in old eternity. He undertook our cause. By his doing and dying as our Substitute, the Son of God obtained eternal redemption for us. By his blood and righteousness, we now draw nigh to God and are “accepted in the Beloved.” Blessed be God, the boundary, which kept Israel from approaching God and kept God from approaching Israel, is now removed. And we are come to Jesus, the Mediator of the new covenant, and to his precious blood of sprinkling. Drawing nigh to God, in this new and living way, we arrive at the fountain head of mercies, the throne of God and the Lamb, the throne of grace, and obtain the mercy and grace we need.


Grace Anticipated

It is the God of everlasting grace who speaks from Sinai. His mercy looked upon Israel’s enslavement in Egypt, and protected them. He burst their bonds and crushed their cruel foes. He fed them morning after morning with bread from heaven. He sent streams gushing from the smitten rock to quench their thirst. And now he brings them to Sinai, and makes Sinai a platform upon which to show his Christ to chosen sinners.







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