“See that Ye Fall Not Out by the Way.”

Genesis 45:24


Joseph said to his brethren, when they were going home to his father’s house, “See that ye fall not out by the way.” He knew they were apt to be quarrelsome. Having forgiven them all, he lays this charge upon them, urging them to have peace among themselves. There was something extremely beautiful in that exhortation. “See that ye fall not out by the way. May God the Holy Spirit graciously apply it to each of us. Our Lord Jesus, our great Joseph, teaches us to “love one another” and “have peace one with another.” Whatever occurs, or has occurred, our Joseph says to us, “See that ye fall not out by the way.” Why is this admonition so important?


1.    We are brethren with one Father, “the God of peace.” We are of one family, “the family of God.”

2.    We are his brethren. We bring shame upon ourselves and bring shame upon our Savior, Christ who “is our peace,” if we fall out by the way.

3.    We are all guilty sinners. Instead of quarrelling with one another, we have a great reason to fall out with ourselves.

4.    We are forgiven of God, whom we have all offended. We should be ready to forgive one another, as we have been forgiven, freely, without restitution, and without condition.

5.    We are by the way, a way that lies through the land of Egypt, where we have many eyes upon us that seek occasion and advantage against us, a way that leads to Canaan, where we hope to be forever in perfect peace.


Let men of different nations and different families fall out if they must; but we are of the seed of Israel, we are one tribe and one holy nation, one family. Our home is in one heaven. The way home is rough. We meet with many enemies along the way; but none in the family are enemies to one another. There will be no falling out when we get home. So “see that ye fall not out by the way.


Keep together; stand by one another, defend each other’s name and character, maintain and manifest unceasing affection for one another, “Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” The world hates us, because we are not of the world. “Beloved, let us love one another.”


All who trust Christ are going to the same house. It is shameful for us to fall out and not speak to one another by the way. We will sit together in heaven. We sit together at the Lord’s Table. We worship one Lord. We have one faith. We profess that faith with one baptism. We are one body, united by one Spirit, in one Christ, called in one hope. Let us not fall out by the way.

What great mercies we possess together in Christ! We are all redeemed, pardoned, accepted, elected, justified, sanctified, and adopted. Our Joseph has filled our sacks with “provision for the way.” Our sacks are full. All have enough. All are secure. All are fully blessed. “See that ye fall not out by the way.” Let those who handle the trowel and those who carry the spear, those who go out to war and those who stay by the stuff live and walk as one in Christ; and “see that ye fall not out by the way.”









Don Fortner



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