Joseph As A Type Of Christ         

Genesis 41:1-57


1.  As Joseph, in due time, was delivered from prison,      so Christ was raised from the dead at God's             appointed time.

2.  As Joseph was the revealer of secrets, so Christ        reveals the things of God to his people.

3.  As Joseph warned of coming danger, and urged men to     make provision for it, so Christ warned sinners of      the wrath of God and urged them come to him for         salvation.

4.  As Joseph was wonderful in counsel, so our Savior's     name is Wonderful Counsellor.

5.  As Joseph was exalted over all of Egypt, so Christ      has been exalted over all things.

6.  As Joseph was worthy of his exaltation, so Christ       is worthy of his.

7.  As Joseph was, upon his exaltation, invested with       the glorious apparel of Pharaoh, so Christ exalted      is clothed with the glory which he had with the         Father before the world was made.

8.  As Joseph's power and authority were publicly owned     and acknowledged by all men, so all men shall one       day publicly own and acknowledge Christ as Lord.

9.  As Joseph was given a wife by Pharaoh, so God the       Father gave his Son, Christ Jesus, a bride.

10. As Joseph's marriage was planned and arranged by        Pharaoh, so the marriage of the Lamb was planned        and arranged by the Lord God in eternity.

11. As Joseph was 30 years old when he began his life's     work, so the Lord Jesus Christ began his public         ministry when he was thirty years old.

12. As Joseph went forth on a mission from Pharaoh's        presence, so Christ came into this world to do his      Father's will.

13. As Joseph's exaltation was followed by a season of      great plenty,so Christ's exaltation was followed by     a time of great grace, poured out upon the earth.

14. As the years of plenty were followed by years of        famine, though Joseph was still on the throne, so       these last days, these perilous times, are years of     great famine, though Christ is still on his throne.

15. As in the days of famine, Joseph opened the             storehouses of Egypt to all who came to him, so now     the Lord Jesus Christ opens the storehouses of          God's abundant grace to all who come to him.



Don Fortner