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The Manifold Wisdom of God

“God Only Wise”

Romans 16:27


Three times in the New Testament the Lord our God is called “the only wise God” (Romans 16:27; 1 Timothy 1:17; Jude 25). Wisdom is more than knowledge. It is the proper and best use of knowledge. And the Lord our God, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, possesses all wisdom. He is “the only wise God” (Job 12:12-13; Daniel 2:20-21).

Wisdom is the character of God. Like goodness, sovereignty, power, and holiness, wisdom is an attribute of God’s perfect, infinite Being. God is wise, perfectly wise, supremely wise, and consummately wise. His wisdom should inspire our hearts with confidence in him and praise to him.


Exclusively Wise

God is exclusively wise. That is to say, in comparison with him, no one else possesses any wisdom at all. God the Father is wise. God the Son is the embodiment of wisdom. And God the Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom. But in comparison with the wisdom possessed by the infinite God, no one else has any wisdom at all. The holy angels, though they are wise and holy creatures by God’s design, when compared to him, are charged with folly (Job 4:18). And man, though he would be wise and thinks himself wise, is as “a wild ass’s colt” before God (Job 11:12).

We have very little wisdom in natural things and none in spiritual things, by nature. And if we attain any, it is by the gift of God. We are wise to do evil. But to do good, we have no knowledge. God alone is wise. Wisdom belongs to God exclusively.



God is all-wise. He possesses all wisdom regarding all things. And he is wise in all his glorious Being. Everything God is, is wise. And everything he does reflects his wisdom. There is no defect or lack of wisdom in him with respect to anything.

Men may be wise in some things and foolish in others. But God is wise in everything. No man is always wise. Sometimes the wisest of men say and do foolish things, but not God. Neither his Word nor his works can be charged with folly. There is not an unwise word in all the Volume of Inspiration. And there is not an unwise action in all his works. — “O LORD, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all” (Psalm 104:24).


Essentially Wise

God is essentially wise. Wisdom is his nature and essence. Wisdom is what God is. As God is Love, as God is Spirit, as God is Goodness, so God is Wisdom. Without wisdom, he would not be God. God is wisdom essentially and eternally. His wisdom is underived. It is immutable wisdom. It never increases and never diminishes.


Wisdom’s Fountain

Moreover, God is the source and fountain of all wisdom. Whatever wisdom there is in the universe among angels and men it comes from God. He is the Author and Giver of wisdom. The angels of heaven get their wisdom from God. The great men of the earth get their wisdom from God. All the wisdom that Adam had in innocence, or his sons have in the earth, even all the wisdom that Solomon possessed is wisdom given, bestowed, and maintained by God.

            Wisdom is the Gift of God (James 1:5). Be it mechanical wisdom, musical wisdom, scientific wisdom, mathematical wisdom, domestic wisdom, moral wisdom, political wisdom, economic wisdom, or spiritual wisdom, wisdom is given to fallen sinners by God, given to whom he will, and given by divine measure, as he will. Wisdom in the hidden part, the fear of God in your soul, is the gift of God. Whatever wisdom there is in any of us, God put it there.




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